Using Your Hands Free Segway In The Airport?

2 Wheel Scooter BoardYou would think that any form of transportation that does not harm anyone else around you would be considered viable in an airport. Although, to some authorities that could be pretty far from the truth. I can understand riding a bike or even a motorcycle would be strictly forbidden within Airport territory. Although I thought it was acceptable to travel on a traditional Segway in public and especially in an airport. However, it looks as if using a hands free version may not be an acceptable form of transportation when traveling in an airport.

Just early last month there was a famous rapper who was taking down in an airport for traveling on his hand-free scooter Segway. Now I’m not sure if this rapper was doing anything to antagonize authorities, however they must have found him unsafe while riding on the transportation device.

After reading all this information I have to say that there has to be a reason for why the scooters are frowned upon in such an establishment. At the end of the day it is used for getting from point A to point B and if you’re in a rush while trying to board a plane I don’t see why using one of these would be such an issue.

Well, while the authorities weren’t looking we took our scooter for run and found it to be extremely convenient vs walking. We even found it to be easier to maneuver then the speedway ramps that are built into the ground. Traveling with luggage can be a bit of a drag, but definitely beats walking alone by foot.

Over the next few months we will begin to see just how popular these devices really are. Then we’ll really find out if the hands-free scooter will be the next wave of transportation in your local airport.

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Flying To Miami in My Dassault Falcon 7X Private Jet

Falcon 7XIt had been almost eight years since the last time that I had visited Florida let alone Miami. I was very excited to get out of New York City and finally be around some fun in the sun so to speak. Besides not visiting Miami in quite some time my other reason for excitement was the fact that we were going to be flying my brand new Dassault Falcon 7X for the first time. We had flown in a 5X a few years back but had never had the chance to travel in the 7X.

Not only was I extremely excited to try out the 7X but I was also provided the opportunity to fly on the brand new Dassault Falcon 8X considering I was able to sell a few more 7x is before the end of the quarter. The 8X is a little more superior and has a wider range with better engines as well. (more info on the new Dassault Falcon Ultra Long Range EightX)

As we boarded the plane in the following afternoon I was extremely overjoyed and couldn’t wait for takeoff. Our pilot made made a toast, promised us a safe flight and in no time we were off.

One thing I really love about the 7X is just how much space there is inside. There was only about 6 of us traveling, although this aircraft is capable of seating anywhere between 10 to 14 passengers depending on the model that you purchase. The ride is extremely smooth and there were very few times where we experienced turbulence.

Flight time overall wasn’t much faster than any other private jet that I have flown in. Although, overall is probably one of the better experiences that I’ve had a while traveling private. Will I fly on these excellent private jet Miami services again? Of course. And I’m extremely excited to sell a few more of these so that I get the opportunity to travel on the brand new 8X this coming year.

Don’t Buy a Private Jet Without Good Storage

Delta Aircraft HangarLike most private jet purchasers you’ve probably been very caught up with the whole process of leasing or buying your new aircraft. With so many different things to think about and cater to there is one area that you don’t want to forget. That is of course where you are going to keep your new aircraft.

Many private jet owners currently own airlines and have no issues finding a location to store their aircraft. Although, there are the few buyers who are brand new that don’t have a location secured as of yet. If you have a friend that is in the aviation business as well, then you may be able to share a hangar with them, although in most cases you’re probably going to have to rent a location or have your management team take care of it.

One thing that we always recommend for anyone looking to buy an exclusive business jet, is that they already have a place ready to go. Or, they already know who the management team is going to be. This makes the whole purchase process and so much easier and more fluid when delivering your aircraft at the end of the transaction. Imagine your client lives in Europe and you are purchasing from the United States. There’s no way you’re going to be able to fly your jet and have it delivered without a secure location for your purchase.

Try your best to only work with well-known reputable management teams who are able to store your aircraft properly. Doing so will not only save you money but also a great deal of hassle down the road.

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