Flying To Miami in My Dassault Falcon 7X Private Jet

Falcon 7XIt had been almost eight years since the last time that I had visited Florida let alone Miami. I was very excited to get out of New York City and finally be around some fun in the sun so to speak. Besides not visiting Miami in quite some time my other reason for excitement was the fact that we were going to be flying my brand new Dassault Falcon 7X for the first time. We had flown in a 5X a few years back but had never had the chance to travel in the 7X.

Not only was I extremely excited to try out the 7X but I was also provided the opportunity to fly on the brand new Dassault Falcon 8X considering I was able to sell a few more 7x is before the end of the quarter. The 8X is a little more superior and has a wider range with better engines as well. (more info on the new Dassault Falcon Ultra Long Range EightX)

As we boarded the plane in the following afternoon I was extremely overjoyed and couldn’t wait for takeoff. Our pilot made made a toast, promised us a safe flight and in no time we were off.

One thing I really love about the 7X is just how much space there is inside. There was only about 6 of us traveling, although this aircraft is capable of seating anywhere between 10 to 14 passengers depending on the model that you purchase. The ride is extremely smooth and there were very few times where we experienced turbulence.

Flight time overall wasn’t much faster than any other private jet that I have flown in. Although, overall is probably one of the better experiences that I’ve had a while traveling private. Will I fly on these excellent private jet Miami services again? Of course. And I’m extremely excited to sell a few more of these so that I get the opportunity to travel on the brand new 8X this coming year.